We get alot of clients who want customised products due to huge variety in the colours, fur types and etc. It is very upfront and open truth that we can't keep all the possible products in stock in the UK due to fur products being very expensive. Therefore in such cases we shall import the product directly from the factory for you and deliver at your door step! This practice will take not more than 12 working days of the order date!




In cases of dropshipping, our buyers will certainly get price benefits, more variey, due to ordering directly from the factory we can provide you anything and everything really on a much lower price than our counter parts!




Occassionally , there will be delays in getting the items delivered as they might be undergoing production and then travel all the way to you. BUT WE PROMISE , once the item has been ordered through us, there are only 2 possibilities , either you get the product you ordered or you get an in time refund! In cases of direct delivery to your door there may be small custom charges too that we can share with you. 


Hence please be very confident that you are on the right place!